Liminal Qualia

We use sound and light to create an experience of synthesis.

Experience the Threshold of Sensory Perception

Liminal Qualia is an ongoing collaborative art and noise project focusing on found art and raw light and sound.


Liminal Qualia began with a few mind-blowing ah-ha moments too large to ignore. 


Liminal Qualia has 5 main elements.


String noise. A 7 foot tall single string electric guitar type thing made from a guardrail plank.  

Tube noise. A 5 piece giant set of chimes, each averaging 4 feet tall 5 inches in diameter and weighing about 50lbs each of hard steel. All perfectly set to a pentatonic scale.

Spring noise. 2 parallel garage door springs with piezo pickups, one static and one that stretches, creating a reverb machine. 

Liquid Light. 2 salvaged overhead projectors combing to create combinatorial organic forms of color using immiscible fluids.

Moiré patterns. A series of glass plates that are acid-etched by hand or laser engraved to create projected surface distortion and anomalies. 


The concrescence of Liminal Qualia and its parts is a separate story. Brought closer to the original questions of “why did I say wow to that”, “what happens if” and yadda yadda.


Check out more in depth info about how we conceived, designed and manufactured the work, in the process.


There are 5 Liminal Qualia artists now.

All participants are a loose grouping of musicians, producers, designers, artists and engineers; with Robert primarily leading the way with Nathan providing further innovation and reality checks. Check out the artist bios, street-cred and self-written artists' statements here.


By way of questions

All the core noise-art pieces of Liminal Qualia are stand-alone works. The explorations, trials and tribulations during design and production are unique in evolution and final form.The individual pieces are not dependent on each other to exist or be shared. 


There is no script. There is no overarching theme by way of composition or desired end-result. There persists an acknowledgement that the physical world around us makes noise and emits or reflects light. That is our area of experiment and play. There is only a push to allow something to happen. The result is interpreted.


We stay analog and reductionist as a general starting point.

The individual noise art pieces speak for themselves.


You don’t need to know how to “play” them. We don’t want you to know. --Just follow the human feeling to touch and make noise and be heard.

When a performance happens the only thing Robert asks the sound artists is to not accidentally make music. Our human inclination to finding and building patterns is huge.

what you see and hear

is how it feels inside your head