Gallery of Liminal Qualia 

Here's a small exposé of our performance work and experiments. There were tons of wonder-moments and glamorous fails. We hope this gives you a better sense of what this is. The production and showing of these concept pieces has been its own fabulous journey. Liminal Qualia is truly best experienced in real life.

!! check out the photos and videos from the Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing.
General Video

every single time, something totally different happens

Assorted Images
liquid light show plate

inks & dyes with overhead projector

one string

copper plate covering hand-wound guitar coil pickup

magnets for giant coil

rare earth magnets being prepped for a guitar pick-up

Moiré Test

laser-burned glass moiré patterns, overhead projector test

Rowan C.A.S.E

Guerrilla Happening - outdoor performance

giant chimes and plank guitar

noise art liquid light show - behind the scenes

sound check

different sounds into one noise

giant lumber

... wondered what it would sound like.

form, color and sound