Epic Fail #1

Too much research. Not enough research.

"String" passive coil guitar pickup and other tales of temporary dead ends.

After Robert’s question posed to the pile of discarded wooden guardrails of “what do you sound like”, he and Nathan immediately dug into making it work. The decision was made to construct a larger-than-life guitar thing that would somehow allow the inherent noise out.

The 7-foot long plank that once was a guardrail in the faculty parking lot of Westby Hall at Rowan University was sent off into the wood planer to remove any old paint and some basic smoothness. As part of the

Proof-of-concept and lo-fi prototyping are a core part of Robert’s mindset as a user-experience designer

Levels of research.

The diagram below is true. BUT, in theory only.

There needs to be an insulator between the coil and magnet. We did not discern from this drawing that the space around the magnet was the insulator

OOPS We went back