Center for Art & Social Engagement

Westby Hall, Rowan University | April 2019

Guerrilla Happening

Founding members, Robert and Nathan were joined by Zachary for a one-off public performance of light and sound. The open courtyard outside Westby Hall at Rowan University was re-commissioned as an active arts area for social discourse via art. We were inspired and our “Guerrilla Happening” was underway. It was our way of vividly and loudly saying, “Make Art. Make Noise.” Everything was made from discarded stuff from the art department. The disparate pieces just needed re-imagining to allow their voice.

Prior to CASE, Liminal Qualia had been shown and interacted with as a works-in-progress, where it was showcased and publicly interacted with, and ----- Liminal Qualia needed to breathe. We decided to do it at Westby as a random act of art. Our full prototype showed up out of nowhere and commenced. Event that could handle the idea and scale.

One of our original ideas was to periodically travel unannounced to off-beat Philadelphia metro area scenes and just set-up play.

Cryptic signage.

Live exploration of light and sound in the courtyard at Rowan University

At this point in time we were only using one projector and String and Chimes.


I was exalted we pulled it off

Lessons Learned:

Parts of the gear are not suited to withstand heavy rain. Everything must fit in the back of a pickup truck. (Don’t build anything you can’t move).